2012 Pinewood Derby Results

This year we had 82 total racers in 7 different classifications.
The following were the winners in each class:

1st – Michael P.
2nd – Eoin G.
3rd – Kurt L.

1st – Cole F.
2nd – Gavin F.
3rd – Devin C.

1st – Colin C.
2nd – Sean M.
3rd – Calum G.

Webelos I:
1st – Parker G.
2nd – Zakai C.
3rd – Kyle H.

Webelos II:
1st – Austin H.
2nd – Charlie L.
3rd – Kevin P.

1st – Allyson H.
2nd – Chris L.
3rd – Gia G.

Amelia G.

Screamin’ Demon:
Austin H.

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